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What is it about bats that makes them so scary? Is it the urban legend that they will get caught in your hair when they fly overhead? Is it the fact that they only come out at night, a time when our innermost fears are heightened? Or is it the ongoing reference to vampires and how they turn into bats to help camouflage what they really are? Whatever it is, bat plush toys are on the rise in popularity due to Halloween, despite the fear bats invoke.

There are approximately 1,100 bat species worldwide and they range in size from 1.14 inches in length and 0.07 ounces to four foot wing spans and three pounds depending on the species. Contrary to popular belief and the famous idiom 'blind as a bat,' bats are not blind and have very good eyesight, though most of them depend on sound as their primary navigation system. In low light, most bats can actually see much better than humans. The large eyes found on a bat have been well designed in bat plush as they realistically resemble the actual animal.

Bats are often misjudged animals which is all the more reason to educate a child about them with bat plush toys. Despite their nocturnal life, they are actually fascinating creatures and are even considered symbols of good luck in some cultures. They are mammals (like lions and tigers) as they are warm-blooded, give birth to live young, and use their lungs to breathe air. Even though these details are not evident when purchasing a bat plush animal, they are nonetheless interesting facts to explain to a child so as to dispel the frightening myths that surrounds them.

Bats are classified into two species: micro and mega. Microbats are small and eat mostly insects. They can be found just about anywhere except in the Arctic or Antarctic. Megabats, on the other hand, are much larger and eat fruit. They are typically called fruit bats and live in Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, India, and the Pacific Islands. Luckily with a bat plush, you won't have to worry about feeding it or ensuring it's in the right climate all you have to do is love it!

Bat plush are made of soft fur-like material, similar to the real thing; like all mammals, bats bodies are covered in fur. The skin on their wings (which stretches over their arms and fingers) actually looks like it would be tough and leathery to the touch, but in fact, the skin is super soft. Some bat plush are so well made that they resemble the real thing right down to the tiniest detail.

If you're looking for a different type of stuffed animal to add to a child's plush collection, consider looking at bat plush toys. Even though you may not be fond of them, your child will find endless ways to entertain themselves with these interesting and often misunderstood creatures.
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Bat Plush & Facts

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This article was published on 2010/10/26