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Bats often get a bad reputation. Many people think they are frightening for their appearance. Bat droppings, called guano, can be packed with bacteria that can make people dangerously sick. Of course, bats have also acquired a bad status thanks to the vampire genre. It is a fact that there are three species of vampire bat, which are native to Central and South America. Of the three species, only the common vampire bat feeds upon mammals. Humans have been bombarded by these kinds of bats, but it is very rare. Other vampire bat types, the bushy-legged vampire bat and the white-winged vampire bat, feed mainly on goats and chickens.


Vampire bats are not native to North America. North American bat varieties eat pests, insects, berry, and flora. The large brown bat, as well as the small brown bat, are the most common bat species inside North America, both of which live on bugs. These are the couple of species of bats that North Americans have the most exposure to. Brown bats are often discovered roosting within garages through the summer months when garage doors are left open up.


It is unwise to allow a bat nest to roost inside the residence. Bat colonies are known for getting into attics any time they find an opening. It is important to get yourself a pest control service to humanely eliminate the bat colony as soon as it's discovered. Bat guano is full of bacteria and may cause disease in human beings. Significant damage to the home structure will even occur when the colony stays. This goes for garages too. If a bat is found in any garage, it ought to be left on its own until evening. Open the garage doors at dusk and then leave them open for the night time to allow the particular bat to leave. Chances are great that it probably won't return.


Whilst bats are common and widespread, they rarely occur in some quantities in intensely populated areas. Bats would rather roost inside caves. Yet bats are useful to have about. A single bat can eat as many as two hundred mosquitoes in an hour. They're natural pest control, and bats are much less pesky than many other insects that spread diseases such as West Nile Virus. Many people install bat houses to be able to encourage bat colonies within the neighborhood.


Bats live in large colonies, thus attracting bats to the yard means supplying enough real estate for at least 100 to 300 bats. Offering multiple properties near each other increases the probability of having bats move in. Adult males prefer not to nest near the females and pups. Bats prefer properties that are attached to poles or perhaps buildings. Many individuals have found the backs of tall backyard sheds or perhaps garages are usually attractive to bats. Just don't mount the bat boxes over the garage door, or you risk acquiring guano on your head as you stroll through the open garage door.


Bat houses should be mounted under eaves whenever possible. They need to be 15 to 20 feet off the ground and really should face away from bright lights. Bat homes should acquire a minimum of 6 hours of total sun in regions with July heat of 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and about five hours of full sunshine in locations where July temperatures max out around 80 degrees.


Setting the bat houses near any water supply, like several maintained bird baths or a garden pond also helps entice them quickly. Mosquitoes breed in water and, like most creatures; bats need drinking water for drinking. Bats and birds get on well within the same area because their hunting times seldom overlap. The particular bats are able to use the same drinking water source as the birds.

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Attracting Bats

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This article was published on 2010/10/13